Better Food Work (Sustainable Food Sector Training Program) is a sector-focused career development program that equips participants who are moving closer to the labour market with requisite employer-informed/in-demand technical and employability skills (as well as personal support). 

The program is open for everyone to apply, including women, older workers, and newcomers/new immigrants, with a particular focus on Regent Park

The program consortium — comprised of Dixon Hall, George Brown College Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts, and Fred Victor Centre — brings together experts in employment services, sector-specific technical training, employer engagement connections and personal support provision. This provides a holistic employment and training program that equips participants with the skills necessary to pursue their career goals in the Food and Beverage Sector. The Program is a combination of technical skills training, career planning, opportunities and activities as well as practical experience to transition towards employment and/or further education upon completion. 

Over the course of 8 weeks, participants will take part in experiential learning opportunities to prepare them to enter and advance in Food and Beverage careers. All participants are provided with customized one-on-one supports – from enrollment to graduation and beyond. 

The Program is highly responsive to individual participant needs/interests. There are activity modules which combine in-class, on-site, work-based, and one-on-one learning activities. The curriculum has been designed with sector employer needs and they are actively engaged in program delivery, through the provision of work experiences, as well as facilitating connections to industry work opportunities.



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