Recruitment Solutions

Our comprehensive database of partner agencies and networks allows us to match each candidates experience , skills and personal ambitions to your business requirements. We tailor our services to your unique needs, helping you promote your job opportunities to a relevant audience, as we as pre-screening resumes to select ideal candidates to interview.

Financial supports are available to help offset the costs of training a new employee.

Our bright and welcoming facility is also available to you for job fairs and hiring events. We can also provide virtual hiring events!

We provide employers with access to HR hiring services, allowing them to effectively connect with qualified candidates.

What You Get Working with Dixon Hall:

  • Access to Qualified Candidates

  • Access to a full suite of HR services

  • Help promoting your job opportunities

  • Pre-screened resumes

  • Virtual Job Fairs & Hiring Events

  • Employee retention resources/support

  • Financial supports available to help offset the costs of training a new employee

  • Investment in your Community

Human Resources Support

Our team of Job Developers will provide you with support and Human Resource expertise every step of the way: from leveraging social media to drive recruitment, to understanding the intricacies of the Employment Standards Act.

Our Job Developer team will be an invaluable resource in helping you address any HR challenge, allowing you to focus on driving your business performance towards success.

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