The Canadian Encyclopedia is a beautiful encyclopedia with a youth section, quotes, "This Day in History", picture galleries, games, quizzes and interactive activities. 

Use this Online dictionary to look up words, improve your vocabulary, and improve your spelling.  Also check this site on a daily basis and learn the "Word of the Day". 

Practise your reading skills while listening to the audio link, to help with reading fluency and pronunciation.  

Use this website to read interesting, up-to-date newspaper articles in plain English. 

This site  combines the world's smartest dictionary with an adaptive learning game that will have you mastering new words in no time. 

Improve your reading skills by mastering phonics! A phonics tutorial with sound and cartoons for all ages.   Note: the audio needs Flash to play. 

This site offers audio at 3 speeds and reading passages starting at basic level and many more steps to help you climb up the ladder of reading fluency. 

Reading exercises for beginners, elementary and intermediate levels. 

Use this site to test your vocabulary and see how many words you know, or use the link to the free vocab game to learn more words and improve your vocabulary. 

Practice your reading skills by choosing from easier, medium, and harder stories.  You can also choose by clicking on the different subjects to read about, things like health or family. 

Read, listen and learn English at the beginner, intermediate or advanced level. The lessons use current news stories to help you learn English.  You can select the level of reading that you like. 

Learn basic English conversation for ESL learners or beginning readers. If you cannot read the words on your own, you can listen to the story to hear the words and then try to read it yourself.

This site has free online articles at different levels.  You can also listen to the text while reading to help you practise reading.  Choose from a slow and a normal reading speed. 

 These free English lessons use current stories and interviews to help you learn about your city, community and workplace. They might also give you a sense of the province's culture and economy.