Lliam, Literacy & Basic Skills program participant

"Contacting Employment Services online was really easy. Maxine Brown-Simpson (instructor in the Literary & Basic Skills program) got in touch with me almost immediately (in December, 2021), and she was so helpful and informative from enrolment to instruction of the courses. These courses helped me to see where I am, how I am positioned in the job world, and my experience with Dixon has restored and built my confidence to return to education and to employment that will meet my goals. I will definitely be recommending these courses to others."

Khalidah, CEO and Founder of Ògo Tàwa Inc.

“I first heard about Dixon Hall through another employment agency because we were looking for highly skilled workers. We were told that there was a big pool of skilled workers at Dixon Hall. I felt like I could trust Dixon Hall more because they got that badge of approval from another agency. We were fortunate to form a partnership with Dixon Hall and have them post on Indeed for us. They also advised us during the recruitment process, such as selecting who we wanted to hire. Cristina was especially helpful to us as she was able to use her insights from so many years of experience to provide very useful advice on recruitment selections, benefits, training programs, and more. The Dixon Hall team has always reinforced being available for support and that they have our best interest in mind. As a leader, this makes it easier to trust the team at Dixon Hall. Their reliability makes for a solid foundation on which we can navigate through employee needs and challenges.”

Jabarry, Youth Incubator Hospitality program graduate

"Denzil was an amazing teacher. When I first joined the Youth Incubator Hospitality Program, I thought I knew how to properly hold a knife but Denzil showed me a better way that was more comfortable. I can’t even begin to list all the things we learned but this is a program that anyone can join and learn lots of stuff. I would recommend this program to anyone. It’s a nice opportunity where you can learn how to put certain dishes together and things that we never knew could go so well together, like different spices. You can learn all of this through this program."

Daniel, Better Jobs Ontario participant

"I’m a fifty-one year-old professional who was absent from full time employment for a considerable time due to a disability, I hit a brick wall experiencing ageism preventing me from finding work.  I consulted several other agencies in the downtown core, and they weren’t as responsive or conveyed a sense of true interest in my situation and showed little to no investment in following up with me. Dixon Hall Employment Services really changed my perception of what I thought were impersonable city agencies. Right from the beginning the level of politeness, authenticity and feeling that they cared about my success from the personability of the receptionist - to the level of excellence in handling and taking the necessary time to explain things fully to make me feel as though I mattered was paramount in finding the help and guidance I needed. I felt I found a true advocate who was genuinely interested in assisting me to accomplish pulling myself out of unemployment and obtaining the training necessary for my success. THANK YOU Anne and thank you Dixon Hall Employment Services."

Hasan, RBC event participant

The event was incredibly well-organized and informative. The insights and advice shared by the HR recruiters, particularly on resume building, interview techniques, and the importance of networking, were extremely valuable. Meeting professionals like Saskhi, who provided practical and actionable tips, has significantly boosted my confidence and direction in my job search. Thank you once again for the effort and dedication that went into making this event a success. It has made a substantial impact on my career development, and I am very appreciative of the opportunity to participate. I look forward to working with Dixon Hall's Employment Services.